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Waggle Candle Shop

Here at Waggle HQ, it’s not uncommon to find our team hard at work brainstorming the next product line. Much of this is guided by the goal of evoking an emotional connection between customers and our apparel (more on that in our last blog post).

When thinking about where we might go next, I found myself wondering if we’re leaving something on the table. If by focusing exclusively on clothing design, we’re neglecting other critical memory-sparking senses.

Of course, the logical next step was to inquire with our design team on the possibility of scratch and sniff polos. Regrettably, they informed me the technology is not there yet (and told me to stick with my day job). Luckily for the future of the company, minding my own business is not high on my list of priorities. 

With that, I’m proud to announce the industry-shaking product line primed to skyrocket us to the top of the industry... Waggle Candles.

Could this be the groundbreaking innovation to skyrocket us to the top of the industry? And, more importantly, can you smell a blog post? We’re about to find out.

Cocky Rooster

Most popular polo, least popular scent. Dried corn, earthy straw and a foul hint of ammonia in the air. Admittedly, this does NOT smell good. An alternative scent to this would be fried chicken—but that’s a little dark, don’t you think?


Close your eyes and breathe in the invigorating aroma of crisp Northern pine. Lumberhack smells like the cabin, Christmas and coziness all rolled into one. It’s a universally beloved scent that makes a safe housewarming gift for darn near everyone.


After shave, vermouth and pieces of sh*t for breakfast. The Shooter candle will take you to your happy place after losing the gold jacket to a short-tempered hockey player with a distaste for Bob Barker and animatronic clowns.


Legendairy belongs in the same limited-release livestock collection as Cocky Rooster though, for those who grew up frequenting the family farm, may not be quite as repulsive. If the unmistakable scent of manure conjures fond memories of riding the tractor with Uncle Clyde, this is the candle for you.

Toon It Out

For better or worse, Toon It Out smells like summer at the lake. A mix of fresh water and gas fumes. Are those hints of mildew from the perpetually damp pontoon carpet, or is that just the remnants of last weekend’s tipped minnow bucket? Best not to think too hard about it.

Grill Master

You know when you’re out for a stroll and out of nowhere your nostrils are struck with the mouthwatering scent-sation of your neighbor Ed sizzling up some 80/20 ground chuck? Mmm, that’s what Grill Master smells like.

Flamingo Bay

Sea breeze salty with notes of sweet hibiscus and the tropical trifecta of pineapple, coconut and rum. Grab your passport—the Flamingo Bay candle is an all-inclusive vacation for your nostrils. 

The Hive

This one’s sweet. Like, sticky sweet, hanging thick in the air, exuding honey sugar goodness into the atmosphere. But proceed with caution—those who get close enough to let it burn them will experience not-so-subtle afternotes of calamine lotion.

Kentucky Buck

Damp leaves, birch bark and the velvet smokiness of double barrel Kentucky bourbon. Pair with a lit cigar and a spritz of doe urine to create the ultimate deer camp aroma.


Raw unfiltered excellence. Smells like being the best. 

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