About Us

Since the first tee off in 1774, golf has long been considered a game strictly for the old-fashioned country clubbers, intense professionals and by-the-book rule followers. 

But not anymore. 

Golf is evolving more and more every day. And with that evolution comes excitement that it actually can be for everyone. So… why not you?

We exist to give you the confidence to express your true self out on the course. Through apparel, sure, but more so a belief that every one of us has untapped individuality just waiting to come out. It's what we call your “Waggle.” 

Golf is about having fun, and a day on the links should be whatever you want it to be. That’s why our unique lines are designed for the curious newbies, weekend warriors, warm weather snowbirds and die-hard rain or shiners alike. 

To put it simply… we couldn’t care less about your handicap. The number of years you've been carrying your clubs is irrelevant. Our goal is to inspire you to stand out and spread your love for the game the only way you can—your way. 

Ready to get your Waggle on?