noun /ˈwægl/

a golfer's unique club movement made above the ball prior to taking a stroke

Since the inaugural 18-hole round in 1764, golf apparel has gained a reputation for being a little… uninspired. Bit of plaid here, flash of argyle there, always traditional. And for much of the 21st century, it’s remained that way. Stripes, solids, wash, rinse, repeat. 

Now, no disrespect to an embroidered pastel, but we think there’s more to the modern golfer than that. Your waggle is uniquely yours, so shouldn’t your apparel be too?

Here at Waggle, we believe what you wear on the course should reflect your individuality. Who you are, where you’re from. Your hobbies, interests and passions. All the stuff that makes you, you. That’s why every one of our designs is inspired by the desire to create a piece of apparel that strikes a cord when you see it. That makes you say “Wow, that was made for me.” Because, in a lot of ways, it was.

So go ahead, have a look around. We’re pretty confident you’ll find something you like. But, if not, don’t wander too far—your aha moment just hasn’t teed off quite yet.