About Us

Since the first tee off in 1774, golf has been widely considered a game strictly for the old-fashioned country clubbers, intense professional, and by-the-book rule followers.

But not anymore. The game is evolving. And with it grows the excitement that golf really can be for everyone. 

So...why not you? 

That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you the confidence to express your true self out on the course. Not just through our apparel, but through our belief that within everyone lies untapped potential waiting to come out. It’s what makes you an individual. We call it your “Waggle.”

Golf has become an all-inclusive game. And because of that, we’ve tailored our golf apparel line for the curious newbies, weekend warriors, warm weather snowbirds, year-rounders, or any other golfer out there. Waggle isn’t concerned with your skill level. The number of years you’ve been carrying clubs is irrelevant. Our goal is to inspire you to stand out and spread your love for golf the only way you can: your way. 

You can make a day out on the links whatever you want it to be. Golf is about having fun. It’s that simple. And we’re going to make damn sure you’re playing with the confidence and comfort that personifies your individuality.

Now gear up, head out, and play well...it’s the Waggle way of life.